Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess What!

©2010 ℕO⊻∧ "The Echo of Souls", Spray Paint on fabric
I just found out this painting is selected for the NorCATA member only art exhibit Soul Awareness at the Old Weatherstone in Sacramento. during the Annual 2010 American Art Therapy Association Conference, art walk Nov. 5th. Very excited to be apart of it, such a beautiful theme for an art show! Make sure you come to the art walk if your attending the conference!

Description I wrote for the show about my painting and how it relates to the theme of the show:
"It all starts with the optimal experience, also known as "flow", a powerful force inside us that keeps us coming back to our projects. Where we tend to 'zone out' and put our entire selves into whatever we're creating. Through creativity we can clear our minds, we reach into the depths of our Being and find hope, love, truth, and peace. We reach epiphanies, new levels of consciousness, and insights that keep us in touch with our soul. In the moment of creating and looking at this painting, I feel so alive. As artists we have the opportunity to visually manifest the beauty of our souls anytime we choose. This painting for me, is a small discovery of beauty and I hope the painting resonates in you, too."

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