Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We hiked the Cinque Terre coast=)

I stole the October sun from cinque terre's coast.

..."slowly we fell asleep, traffic lights shining on our faces, sand in our shoes. Sleepy eyes, a dark night turning into a dark morning and I could already see a slight line in the sky indicating an enormous mountain that was hidden behind the dark curtain of the night sky. Slowly, that curtain lifted behind those mountains, keeping me awake and wondering. It was a surprise to my eyes, nothing short of a miracle. Behind that mountainous region were colors you wouldn't imagine a sky could even contain, or a pallet. Blues ranging from the deepest to the brightest, purples, yellows, and bright pinks as the sun rose. We slept on that beach for free! The sound of the ocean in the background was like a dream where I was awake, wrapped in my lover's arms. The mountains that jutted directly into the ocean at just the most beautiful points as if it were planned. They turned green, vibrant greens and forest greens with indications of trees everywhere. The ocean, it took my breath away, so calm, so friendly, so pure, glistening like an infinity stars had fallen. My favorite part is where the dark royal blue fades into an aquamarine and then meshes with greens all the way to the shore, that color, like an aqua green that is only brightest in nature... It was June in October. My cheeks getting slightly red from Cinque Terre's bright October SUN!." And that 5 Euro for that hike, had to be the best 5E I have ever spent..."

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