Monday, October 27, 2008

Abby Rd. & the biggest ferris wheel in the world!

...London, the prettiest city I've seen, a cold british night, the whole city lite up. We were walking around London, with our backpacks and wondering eyes. It was beautiful. We could see the bright London eye in the distance, that we went on the day before. We stood on the bridge that night looking straight over to the London Tower, soaking it all in... something I'll never forget. As it started to sprinkle out, all the business men and women popped up their umbrellas like clock-work. As I turned around being pushed and shoved, I looked at all these busy bees, each one with a cell phone attached to their ears and brief-case to each hand, looking ahead, not one drop of rain interrupting every single dry conversation. All I could think about was - not one person turned their head at this glorious view. I am cold, wet, and dazzled. In this moment, I am forever thankful...

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